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Corporate Events In The Eyes of Sasha

When the stay at home directive was initiated, many corporate events were cancelled as teams and communities could no longer meet up and share ideas. The next immediate move was to think about virtual events, where tools like Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts would enable us to keep the important conversations going.

At Moringa School, we used to have regular conferences, workshops and open days which Sasha Achieng, our Events and Community Organizer would take lead on. Now with the move to remote working, the show doesn’t stop and Sasha helps the Moringa Community stay engaged in these unprecedented times.

We got to know her experience hosting virtual events and her thoughts about the future of corporate events post COVID.

So, tell us, how has it been hosting virtual events for Moringa?

It has been quite a journey. We had to shift strategies to remote very quickly and to be honest I have enjoyed the experience these past 3 months. It’s been an opportunity to learn, grow out of comfort zones and build up on digital tools skill set. Technology has enabled us to continue staying engaged with the Moringa School Tech community. The shift had its own fair share of challenges like risk of a technical fail, power and internet outage but despite all that, the community continues to amaze us with their resilience and the numbers have grown significantly.

We are now able to reach more people not only at a country level but globally, something that was deemed difficult before.

What do you think the future of corporate events and workshops will look like post COVID?

This pandemic has undeniably taught many companies the enabling power of technology. It has presented opportunities for a wider audience reach. We have seen more corporates contributing to expertise and knowledge sharing than before so in my opinion, I think virtual events should be a strategy to continue exploring post COVID. Though virtual events cannot beat the power of in-person interaction and networking it is still worth implementing even when we get back to the normal.

Why should we attend Moringa School webinars and workshops?

There is a famous quote by Hellen Keller — “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.

There is power in community and these initiatives provide a platform for people to learn from each other, up-skill in new technologies and professional skills, network and find growth opportunities.

So yes join us and #LearnWithMoringaSchool

Moringa’s virtual events focus on modern day technology topics and career progression in general. We host a variety of thought leaders in all industries looking to excel through technology.

To join Sasha and the Moringa Community in future webinars, please share your details with us here and we’ll add you to our special mailing list