Job Title: Chief Operating Officer

Type of Contract: Full-time

Department/Team: Leadership

Job Location: Nairobi, Kenya

About Moringa School

  • Moringa School is transforming higher education in Africa, starting with software development. In our current program, we transform ambitious amateurs to coding professionals.

  • We are a premier advanced immersive program, training exceptional full-stack and mobile Software Engineers. Moringa School is currently expanding rapidly into other courses and geographies across Africa and are looking for top talent to accelerate our growth.

  • Moringa School was named one of the ‘Top 10 Most Innovative Companies’ in 2018 by Fast Company.

Our Mission

  • Moringa School's mission is twofold:

    • To empower people &

    • To transform education through rapid-iteration teaching.

Our Culture

  • Employees enjoy a fun, collegial startup environment

  • You will be surrounded by talented, friendly, brilliant, & mission-driven professionals who work hard to provide the best student experience of its kind in the world.

  • We are committed to employee health & wellness- we truly believe that you need to take care of yourself first.

  • We understand the value in remote working & support it as needed.

Objectives for this Role

  • Oversee strategic business initiatives from development through successful execution under the guidance of senior leadership and departmental heads

  • Assist and communicate with executives in decision-making, program management, and initiative implementation

  • Review, design, and execute on improvements to org structure, find knowledge and skills gaps and help address them

  • Improve current processes and coordinate organizational procedures for optimized efficiency and productivity


  1. CEO Liaison and Representative: Serve as liaison between the CEO and the rest of the company (staff, executives, senior leaders, etc.) regarding company climate, employee well-being, project updates, proposals, and planning

  2. Oversee daily operations through collaboration with senior management and department leaders, performing an array of tasks from generating communication, planning and coordinating all-team or management meetings, and scheduling facilities

  3. Board Operations: With the CEO, establish the cadence of board meetings, as well as get ready for those meetings by preparing and sending out materials in advance (collect data from across the organization, such as financial updates or program outcomes, to create dashboards that lay out the information in a concise and clear format, onboard new board members, monitor term lengths, and support CEO’s in researching and recruiting new board members)

  4. Operational Scalability: Work with People Team, Finance Department, and other Operational functions to ensure processes, policies and systems are scalable and are effective in working with other departments and geographies

  5. Expansion and Facilities: Support on operational efficiency in launching into new facilities and locations

  6. Build and develop relationships with all employees for increased efficiency and effective responsiveness into existing operations, and help to define new operational strategies, working with the CEO and executives on special projects

  7. Technology Advisement: Support technology team strategically, ensure systems are well documented (not reliant on a single person) and built from scratch only when it makes business sense.

  8. Serve as a subject matter expert, handling inquiries and develop action plans to address them, and assisting with the preparation and dissemination of communications

Key Competencies

  1. Experience with data analysis

  2. Experience with budget management

  3. Consulting experience with a focus on operations management

  4. Proven success in a project coordination role

  5. Nimble business mind with a focus on developing creative solutions

  6. Strong project reporting skills, with a focus on interdepartmental communication


  1. 8+ years in a business or executive management role

  2. Proven experience organizing and directing multiple teams and departments

  3. Excellent communicator in written and verbal form

  4. Extremely versatile, dedicated to efficient productivity

  5. Experience planning and leading strategic initiatives

Values Alignment: The Moringa Way

  • Embrace collaboration (working together to complete a task or achieve a goal)

  • Be bold (being daring and courageous)

  • Have humility (acting without pride or arrogance)

  • Celebrate accountability (taking responsibility for your actions and their outcomes)

  • Have a growth mindset (believing that you and those around you have the potential to improve through intentional practice and feedback from others)

  • Be fun loving (enjoying life in a lively, lighthearted way)

Career Growth & Development

We do not believe that an organization can grow without the growth & development of its staff.  At Moringa, we are consistently building systems to invest in the growth of our employees. We are deeply invested in offering career growth within Moringa, provide actionable feedback through “weekly check-ins” & thorough career reviews.
We will work together with you to craft roles that both support the needs of the organization and that you can be passionate about.

How can you apply?

  • You will need to email the following to Recruitment at

    • Your CV

    • Subject Line: Application “Role name” (Your full name)