Type of Contract: Permanent

Department: Classroom

Job Location: Campus Specific (Nairobi, Kigali, Accra, Johannesburg)

Why We Are Hiring for this Role

We are scaling rapidly in product offerings and geographies as we aim to train 200, 000+ knowledge workers by the year 2030. With this scale, we will have multiple campuses in emerging markets and each of these campuses requires strong leadership to ensure excellence in our classrooms. This role will work closely with our instructors, called technical mentors, as well as support functions such as counselling, campus operations and recruiting. This role represents accountability for quality on each individual campus.

What you will do

  • Communicate the strategic intent of Moringa School across the whole school community through regular communication with staff, parents and students.

  • Manage the running of campus including classroom instruction, student support services, instructor recruitment, and campus operations.

  • Oversee the quality of instruction on your campus and maintain alignment with the Head of Instruction on educational quality standards.

  • Ensure the psychological safety of all students and academic staff as well as accountability for stated standards of Moringa School on campus.

  • Enforce and uphold classroom policies that are set at the HQ level and manage policy changes.

  • Ensure smooth operations of all campus related activities.

Who You Are 

  • A senior manager with 4+ years of experience working in a professional setting.

  • A strong operations practitioner, able to organize large teams into effective work.

  • A strong culture champion, capable of diagnosing and influencing culture over time.

What You Have

  • Demonstrated strong leadership skills.

  • Ability to hold others accountable to a high-quality bar.

  • Great interpersonal skills with the ability to build rapport and communicate with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

  • Strong attention to detail.

  • Desire to work in a non-traditional education organisation and a commitment to putting students first.

To Apply

  • Send an email attaching your CV to Recruitment at joinus@moringaschool.com 

    • Subject Line: Application “Role Title” (Your full name)