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Head of Curriculum and Content DescriptionWe are scaling rapidly in product offerings and geographies as we aim to train 200,000+ knowledge workers by 2030. With increased programs both remote and in class and subsequent enrollment to our courses by both individual students and corporates, we need a strategic thinker to focus on strengthening the quality of our digital content for both in class and the new remote setting, drive the strategy and implementation of our curriculum and assessment design processes and prepare us for scaling. This role will be responsible for the quality and market alignment of our content, user experience of our learning management system and reliability of our assessment model to track student progress. This role will report to the Head of Product ensuring that our content is aligned with the business needs and work alongside the Head of Instruction to customise the content as per the proposed learning model. This role will also have responsibility over and manage a team of technical content designers and a non technical team that oversees the professional development of our students. Location DepartmentProduct Team
CEO DescriptionAs the CEO, you are responsible for setting strategy and vision. You create goals that are simple and clear and you communicate strategically to increase buy-in from the team. You decide which markets Moringa will enter into and against which competitors. You decide what Moringa’s product lines will be and how Moringa will differentiate itself. You decide, set budgets, form partnerships, and hire a team to steer the company in a specific direction. You are someone who is passionate about the problem Moringa is solving in the world - and that equipping young people across Africa with relevant skills and mindsets will turn their potential into a possibility for themselves and for growth across Africa. You know how to balance sustainability, quality products, and growth and engage in meaningful discussions around tradeoffs that need to be made. You are responsible for the success of the company. This includes operations, marketing, strategy, finance, creation of company culture, human resources, hiring, sales, PR, etc. You create and build a culture that ensures Moringa is a great place to work that attracts top talent. You understand the importance of values and that the repetition and rhythms around values are critical to set the right tone. You hire, manage, and lead the senior management team at Moringa. You promote a healthy work dynamic between senior team members and keep them working together in a common direction. You set direction by communicating the strategy and vision of where the company is going. You will work with the senior team to set the direction and the senior team will in turn set it for the rest of the company. You are responsible for capital allocation. You consider Moringa’s major expenditures and ensure Moringa is well-capitalized by bringing on new investors and managing existing investors. You fund projects that support Moringa’s strategy and ramp down projects which lose money or don’t support the strategy. You will lead with a compelling vision that motivates and drives dedication across the organization and take ownership of the results. You are highly collaborative and know that to achieve your goals, you need to drive buy-in with the team through people, processes, and products. You are data-driven and track critical metrics using them to drive decision-making about what's next. Location Department