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11.00 am - 1.00pm
Zoom Webinar

Nuts & Bolts of a Successful Career in Software Development

We all want to have a successful career, right? The journey of building a successful career in Software Development is not only challenging but exciting! As enterprises’ demand for the best in class developers continues to grow, the opportunity and time to invest in becoming the 1%  talent that hiring managers and organizational leaders look for is now! 


Here are a few of the key points discussed during the webinar.

  • What makes a good developer - what skills set, competencies, and best practices set me up for success?
  • What do hiring managers and decision-makers look for when making hiring or promotion decisions? 
  • How do I translate my internship into a full-time job and grow a career within an organization?
  • What resources and platforms should a developer consider for professional development and growth? 


Attendees feedback:
“The contributors had a lot to offer from very unique perspectives. Sam and Maureen were constantly dropping gems!”


“It was a very great experience; all the panelists have tested and verified knowledge, which they shared in an awesome manner.”


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