Our Learning Model

Moringa uses a method of learning that combines traditional classroom experiences with online learning called ‘Blended Learning.’ This innovative educational hybrid challenges the traditional face-to-face learning that most institutions use.

We implement blended learning in many unique ways, and here at Moringa, we use the ‘Flipped Classroom’ model, where we introduce our students to the course content at home to review at their own pace. Instead of lecture-style delivery, we use class time for practical, hands-on experiences. Technical mentors guide students through projects and assignments, hence ‘flipping’ the expectations of a traditional classroom where teachers would use class time todisseminate material and lecture different topics

Why does it work

Learning is an individuated process and not every student approaches learning the same way. A blended learning model allows students to take charge of their own learning by mastering content in their own unique way.

Who does it work for

Blended learning transforms traditional, lecture-style classrooms into a more interactive environment for students. By mixing online learning with face-to-face interaction, students get a more comprehensive education that combines auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning methods.

What will it do for you

  1. Location flexibility, as you can access the course content anytime, anywhere.
  2. Better ability to manage your stress and workload by learning at your own pace through our online system.
  3. More effective interaction between instructors and students, as our students’ questions and concerns can be immediately addressed through our online platforms.
  4. Opportunities for more hands-on, experiential learning, which can lead to a deeper, more long-lasting grasp of key concepts.
  5. The ability to learn coding and software development in a community setting, where students support each other and bond through their shared experiences.
  6. Gain self-confidence by immersing in a community that fosters the value of proactive participation.
  7. Great professional results, as our classroom emulates a real-life workplace environment, which better prepares you for roles at top-tier technology companies.

During the program, you will create a case study on your own company's data challenges and receive real-time feedback from faculty and peers.