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Submitted by admin on 25 August 2020

I did software development in Moringa School and specialized in Fullstack, the learning experience has made job hunting somehow easy cause now I have the skills required in the market. The skills I've gained have given me courage when walking in to interview rooms, not only the technical skills but also the soft skills, at least now I am confident with the work I'm doing plus they are working with the latest technologies.
I'm currently working at Stixx Company Limited which is a specialized agency that focuses on creative technologies and making them more accessible to brands and audiences.I'll definitely recommend anyone who wants to dive into programming to apply for a course at moringa school, it's the best place to learn and has the best environment to thrive.

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Software Development Alumni
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Irene Mercy
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Irene Mercy - Software Development Alumni - Moringa School
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Irene Mercy - Software Development Alumni - Moringa School