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Submitted by admin on 25 August 2020

I studied at Moringa School and I was in the class of MC20. I specialized in software development(Fullstack option)
I had a wonderful experience through Moringa.  It is the kind of school that imparts you with a growth mindset and gives you enough confidence to face life especially when it comes to programming. It sounds funny that before joining Moringa, I used to avoid social situations for the fear of embarrassing myself. By the end of the six months that I spent there, I was looking for opportunities to embarrass myself. By emulating a real working environment through stand up sessions, lightning talk, pair programming, and motivational speaking, Moringa creates an environment that makes you want to become a better version of yourself
Moringa has such a great team of staff where everybody knows what they are supposed to do. It’s like everybody is aware that they are a piece of this big puzzle and they know exactly where they fit. The teams that I interacted with closely were technical mentors and professional development team, they didn’t let me down. During my last month at Moringa, It felt like the Professional development team was handing me the steering wheel and whispering to me “You are good to go”
One of the greatest lessons that I learned at Moringa was to learn how to teach myself. I am currently self-teaching React (a javascript framework) as I look for a job/internship.  I have observed that I am now accountable and I am able to focus on my goals, something that I used to struggle with before joining Moringa.
To sum up, I would recommend Moringa to anyone who wants to change their career field, update their programming skills or begin a career in programming. It's a place for everyone regardless of social status or ethnicity. I promise they will work on your social skills as well if need be.

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Software Development Alumni
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Paul Wamaria
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Paul Wamaria - Software Development Alumni - Moringa School