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Submitted by admin on 25 August 2020

At Moringa I was part of the MC17 cohort and I took the mobile development stack. My learning experience was phenomenal. It was extremely fast-paced but I was able to quickly grasp the fundamentals of programming. Above all else, the program really taught me how to teach myself which I believe is the most important thing to know how to do in this ever-changing tech environment. What helped me in my next steps was the pro-dev period. It helped me become a complete hireable package; so to speak.
My experience was great because Moringa's curriculum and teaching methodology encouraged self-learning, exploration, and creativity. This is a far better system than traditional teaching practices. Plus the staff at Moringa are awesome. They were friendly and extremely supportive. I am currently a software developer at I&M Bank.

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Software Development Alumni
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Mbugua Mwaura
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Mbugua Mwaura - Software Development Alumni - Moringa School