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Submitted by admin on 25 August 2020

For sure Moringa school has really contributed a lot to my profession. First by equipping me with the proper knowledge and skill needed in the current industry. The process of them linking you to the employers made everything even better by giving us a smooth transition to the industry in terms of getting a job without any stress.

Before Moringa I did a diploma in information technology but that wasn't enough the programming languages that we learnt there were not up to date and so that did not meet the qualifications of getting a programming job. So after doing some research on which languages were best for me so as to be able to achieve getting a job, I decided to join Moringa school. I Had been told about the program through a friend who went through the same program they had. Once I joined Moringa school, I did the prep program which gave me a proper foundation. After that, I proceeded to the core program where I took the FULL-STACK program in which I learned a lot.  

The Moringa program  was truly unique.  We were able to learn and get help from our mentors who were of great help. The independent project given to us every Friday gave me a proper foundation because through constant practice we had every Friday, I was able to understand things better. 

I currently work for I&M Bank as a software developer where we are trying to digitize the whole process of applying for asset finance by coming up with an online feature on their website where one can apply online. Finally, I would like to appreciate what moringa school is doing by equipping us with the proper skills and knowledge that is actually needed in the industry. I believe that this is a life change and career-changing program to all those who want to venture in the tech industry.

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Software Development Alumni
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Joseph Muema Mwangangi
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Joseph Muema Mwangangi - Software Development Alumni - Moringa School
Software Development