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3.00pm - 5.00pm

Working with your user community to solve problems & drive growth

Often we are awed and enthralled by something that strikes us in a moment, and start building it with the power of tech. However, in the real world where you expect users to pay for your products, it's imperative that you find whether it resonates with others at scale.

The art of building a product lies in continuously interacting with your users, and finding ways & solutions to cater to their needs; such that the process results in growth and an engaged community of power users who not only keep coming back frequently and pay for it but also bring you more quality traction organically.

Are you an engineer, developer, product manager, or tech evangelist?? This session is for you!

Join us to understand how to do this consistently and effectively.

Facilitated by Harshad Jagtap who has been actively working and contributing to the mobile product ecosystem, engaging with product & tech teams to help them deliver better experiences on mobile and enabling success for their users. He is passionate about solving valid business problems using technology and believes that it is all about creating value - the key driver for growth.

Limited slots are available. Register here to attend.

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