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Moringa School courses are focused on graduate success through outcomes-based learning!
By focusing on graduate outcomes, Moringa School has transformed the lives of over 120 graduates who have taken life changing careers.


Brian Lusina,
Software Developer, BRCK

Moringa School is not your ordinary school with text books, blackboards and teachers, it is a community which guides and impacts all those who join it. Just like any other traditional community, you learn valuable skills that you carry with you in life. Creating software, working in teams and building solutions are just a tip of the iceberg of what this community offers to those who join.”

Cynthia Chepkemoi,
Engineer, Safaricom

“After campus (where I studied Computer Science), I tried looking for a job but failed in most interviews – I lacked skills that most employers were looking for and that was when I realised that I needed a more solid foundation to make the transition to full-time developer. Campus relied heavily on theory but most companies deal with the practicality of things. Also, the soft-skills I acquired from Moringa have enabled me to have good relationships in the workplace. I am able to express myself better and work in teams easily due to the collaboration skills I gained during pair programming.”


Jay Kayitare,
Android Developer, Craft Silicon

“Attending Moringa School is what allowed me to start viewing myself as a software developer. It gave me the grit, resourcefulness, drive and patience to handle the reality of the job.”

95% job placement rating post-Moringa
350% average salary increase from before to after graduation.
50+ hiring partners from a variety of industries, our students are assured of potential job placements once they graduate from Moringa School.

Hiring Partner Testimonials

“Moringa School puts a great deal of effort to prepare their students for the market place as software engineers. They have a problem solving approach that immerses the student into what it means to work as a team. It’s a great school for aspiring developers as well as those looking to change careers.”
Graham Ingokho,
Developer Outreach


“We’ve had the pleasure of hiring one of Moringa School’s graduates as a member of our dev team. He began as a backend engineering team and has quickly grown into a full-time role making meaningful contributions to our team. He has proven to be a talented developer and more importantly, an eager learner and hard worker. In spite of having no diploma in computer science or a related field, the training that he received in Moringa School put him on even footing (and in many cases) ahead of candidates with full-term degrees. It’s been a pleasure to work with Moringa School and their graduates and we will definitely be reaching out for future hires.”
Adam Grunewald,

caytree partners

“Before Moringa School, we had no in-house capacity to do mobile app development. Within 3 months of joining our firm, their graduates has built, tested and deployed our first mobile application. Less than a year later, they had developed significant functionality into our tool that has translated into tangible business results.”
Karibu Nyaggah,
Founder and CEO


“After a pitch, we were told to get in touch with Moringa School, I was skeptical, but we went out and it just happened to be on their graduation day. We took two developers and they brought a whole new level of local professionalism. We were stunned. It’s a year down the round and we’ve never been disappointed. What we intended and what they’re creating is impressive and not by Kenyan standard, but by global standards.”
Tony Ndungu,


“Ahmed (Software Developer, Moringa Core 1) is really talented and enthusiastic, we’re confident he’ll grow in the role and be a success, both here and in his longer-term dev career! We’re very glad to have him on board. His story, from Civil Eng to employed software developer, is a pretty awesome Moringa School success story, so big thank you right back to you guys.”
Sitati Kituyi,

Explore Our Student Projects

Moringa School education is practical and project-based. See some of the projects built in just 3-weeks by our students.

Screenshot (133)

FindMe is an application for sending distress alerts with coordinates and medical profile to emergency contacts and hospitals.

Technologies: Services with Appetize and heroku deployment, google maps API, Firebase database models, and Android widgets.
Nombuyiselo Murage
Pauline Mbabu
Derick Mwangi
Newton Kamau

Screenshot (134)

The average person spends 2 weeks a year in front of their mirrors. Over 80% of those tasks requires the user to use both arms, therefore only one task is being performed. This daily monotonous task can be made into an efficiency machine with the possibility of the smart mirror. A product-to-market that can make your life easier, while doing something you already spend time doing each day, looking at a mirror.

Technologies: Python, Tkinter, Google News API, Darksky API
Ahmed Ali
Brian Mituka
Alice Maina Chege
Ann Munyare
Mujahid Nazir

Screenshot (135)

A web application made in Ruby on Rails for podcasters to create accounts for free, upload the sessions and  listen to their favourite podcasters. The application allows podcasters to create accounts and upload the audio files plus a photo to accompany the audio file as well as share links of other podcast accounts they have for example on itunes. Uploading an audio file generates a link which can be shared through other medias.

Technologies: Ruby programming with Rails as a framework, CSS5, Postgres
Team: Ian Jravin

Screenshot (136)
African Touch

African Touch is an E-commerce application that provides designers a platform to showcase their African designs.

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