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Our Executive Education programs are developed and taught by experienced faculty who are widely recognized as skilled educators, groundbreaking researchers, and award-winning authors. Through their board memberships, consulting, and field-based research, they address the complex challenges facing business leaders across the country.

Students Trained


Students from Ghana, Hong Kong, Kenya, Pakistan, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Moringa Core Graduates


Students who successfully completed the full-time immersive program.

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For Moringa Core classes that graduated.

Testimonials from our Alumni

James Muriuki

Moringa Alumnus
currently in MEST Ghana

Moringa School was my first introduction to technology. I did home science and business in high school and had no interest in computers. Moringa's main purpose isn't to teach you how to code, you can learn that from YouTube, it's to teach you how to learn and how to think in this new field of programming.

Lucas B. Lambert

Moringa Alumnus (MC9)
Managing Director, Decomanga Ltd

A great thing that Moringa has mastered, is the ability to merge technical classes with a broader spectrum of life lessons, preparing you for the professional world. Really, [it is], a life school that just happens to focus on programming. This was truly one of the best experiences of my life

Testimonials from our Hiring Partners

"When I visit career day I am always attracted to the spirit and enthusiasm of the students. They are always open to learning and improving themselves. Feedback is part of this too. That is why, when you hire a Moringa graduate, you get an ambitious, passionate person with the willingness to grow. They are not scared to make mistakes, own up to them and learn from them. Besides this, they do their work with a smile, for being a developer is a true calling for them. This makes them a good fit into our company culture. - Lieke Aarninkhof, HR Manager Incentro Africa

We are glad we decided to work with [Moringa] for our junior and mid-level developer recruitment needs. We appreciate their attention to detail, quality work and ease of fitting in to our processes. Thanks so much for doing a great job!! - William Wamwalo, Business Systems Manager, Health-E-Net

You are in Good Company

Download Our Skills Gap Report

"Digital jobs have the potential to create significant employment opportunities in East Africa. As the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” progresses, it will create profound changes in the employment landscape around the world.

However, the extent and timing of these changes will be influenced by the particularities of individual nations. Moringa School and Mercy Corps commissioned a report which interrogates these issues and aims to shed light on how Kenya and Uganda can prepare for their own respective digital futures in light of both their unique national contexts and larger global trends."