Why You Should Learn How To Code

Computers are becoming a staple in today’s modern world and code is the fuel that runs it.
Become a part of the technological change by learning how to code

Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.

Bill Gates
Chairman, Microsoft

Why Learn at Moringa

Modern Pedagogy

Experience over 1200 hours of pure on site coding within a flipped classroom learning model with world class instructors to guide you through.

World-Class Curriculum

Learn practical and soft skills relevant to today’s software development industry and professional development training to prepare you for the job market.

Amazing Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, our 90+ alumni experience a 350% salary increase with a 96% job placement with our 50+ hiring partners.

Moringa Prep

5 Weeks

Moringa Prep is a 5-week full-time (8:30am-6:00pm) introduction to Programming Course. This course is for beginners to learn the fundamentals of programming or more established developers looking to sharpen their base of frontend skills.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to build basic web pages and understand programming fundamentals. No coding experience is required, but computer proficiency is necessary.

Moringa Core

15 Weeks

Moringa Core is a 15 weeks full-time course of instruction, and 3 weeks of group project and professional development. This course is for beginners to learn more advanced development skills.

Our courses consists of different pathways that branch into a Python and Django based development path and a Java and Android development based path. You are to choose one track.

Ongoing Career Services

In addition to learning computer science and software engineering, we also place a huge emphasis on both personal and interpersonal development by including soft skills training heavily focused on teamwork and communication. The curriculum is constantly iterated upon based on industry demand.

Graduates have high job placement rate after finishing the program and have been placed at companies such as Safaricom, Samasource, Barclays and Craft Silicon. The acceptance rate into Moringa School is 9-13% – we focus on quality over quantity and the results speak for themselves.

Short Term Programs

We run several short term programs, including: Secondary-school Programming Open-source Curriculum for secondary schools, and Junior Moringa School which is a part time, fundamentals of programming class for complete beginners. It runs 16 hours in total, and is typically taught over two weekends (2 Saturdays in a row). We also offer an extended, 40 hour version which is currently taught in high schools.


The course is broken up into two parts. Moringa Prep is our 5 week full time introduction to programming course where we cover web development fundamentals. Moringa Core is our full-time 15 week program where our engineers choose either a Full Stack or Mobile development track. Our full-time courses run (officially) 5 days per week, 11 hours a day, though most students work much more than that.

We use a blended learning model, and have students pair programming or working in groups throughout almost the entire course. This teaches autonomy and teamwork: two of the most important skills of holistic developers.