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Learn Web Development at Moringa Prep
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April 16thMay 18th (Full Time)

April 2nd – June 8th (Part Time)

Course Outline

Moringa Prep is a 5-week full-time (8:30am-6:00pm) or 10-week part-time (6:00pm-9:00pm) introduction to Programming Course. This course is for beginners to learn the fundamentals of programming or more established developers looking to sharpen their base of frontend skills.
After completing this course, you’ll be able to build basic web pages and understand programming fundamentals. No coding experience is required, but computer proficiency is necessary.

Here is some of what we’ll cover:
HTML and CSS: the presentation and styling languages of the web
Git: the tool programmers use to track their code
Command line: the tool programmers use to interact with their computers
Markdown: a simple language for documents
JavaScript: the programming language of the web
Jquery: a JavaScript library for making interactive web pages
Bootstrap: a framework for easily creating good-looking websites

This course is the pre-requisite to our Moringa Core full-time immersive program.


Rate: ($1=KSH.100)

Kenya & Eastern Africa* (Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda)
Moringa Prep Full-time costs $400/=
Moringa Prep Part-time costs $450/=

Other African Countries
Moringa Prep Full-time costs $600/=.

Moringa Prep Full-time costs $800/=.


Jay Kayitare,
Software Developer, Craft Silicon

“I came into Moringa knowing that I wanted to be a programmer but without really knowing what programming was. Moringa taught how to write code and so much more. I learnt how to collaborate with other programmers, how to design user-centered software and how to think as a programmer. Most importantly, I learned how to learn and that has been the most valuable lesson ever since. Thank you Moringa School!”

Student Life

Pair Programming

Our students take on projects with a partner and this prepares them to work with teams once they graduate into the job market. By working in teams, they help each other understand the classroom concepts that they cover daily.

Project-Focused Learning

Projects are a major component in Moringa school and our students undertake independent projects every Friday which allows them to put into use what they learnt throughout the week. They also help you learn how to work within deadlines of which are a standard in the job market.

Lightning Talks

Our students conduct weekly talks by one of their peers about a technical topic of their choice. Past talks include: architecture, 3D modeling, dinosaur taxonomy to name a few and this is a chance for them to geek out class by giving a talk about their interests.

Daily Schedule

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