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Start your data science career by joining our online classes today. The classes are live, with real-time support, and practical sessions and projects.

Applications close on August 17th 2020.
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What is data science?

Data science is the discipline concerned with extracting knowledge from different types of data. Organizations and businesses then use these insights to make decisions.
The Moringa School Online Data Science course prepares you for a wide range of careers in business, health, engineering, and other industries. This comprehensive course entails;
Interactive learning experience
  • Tutors deliver lessons online via video using Zoom
  • You have access to course notes on Canvas (our learning system)
  • You have daily check-ins via Zoom to meet up with classmates
  • You work on practical projects with real data to cement your skills
  • You can book your tutor for one on one sessions
  • Daily classes on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm except during public holidays
Real projects with real data
Moringa School has partnered with Dalberg, a global firm with a large research footprint to provide practical data. You will use real data to work on different problems and projects to prepare for a successful career.
Market Inspired Course Content
You will use technologies and tools that are being used in the real world to gain relevant skills. The curriculum at Moringa School is designed to meet current and future needs of businesses and organizations.
The course is in two stages;
To join this course you must have completed high school. You’ll also do a short test after applying.

Moringa School Online Data Science Prep

What you’ll learn
Moringa School’s Data Science Prep an introductory course. After Data Science Prep, you will get the skills to learn various tools and tactics that are taught in the Data Science Core program.
You’ll interact with data and learn the basic principles of data science. At the end of the course, you’ll know how to use tools such as Pandas and NumPy. You’ll also be able to use Python and SQL and understand how to manage and contribute to projects.
5 Weeks
Remote Learning
Ksh 40,500


Introduction to Data Science

Logic for Data Science

Data Preparation

Moringa School Online Data Science Core

Core is the stage at which you learn the advanced data science concepts and tools. After this stage, you will be a competent data scientist who can create, supervise, audit, and execute complex projects.
18 Weeks
Remote Learning
Ksh 140,000


Statistics for Data Science

Supervised Learning with Python

R for Data Science

Internet access and attendance

  • Students must attend 70% of classes
  • Moringa School supports students to get internet for online learning
  • Learners must check-in in the morning then check out in the evening

Applications due by August 17th, 2020
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Q. Do you guarantee employment upon completion of this course?
A. No. What we guarantee is career-ready skills. Our courses are practical and relevant to the market. That is why many of our graduates find jobs. Moringa School offers support through training and informing graduates of job opportunities. Graduates then apply and some get these jobs. Other graduates have found jobs without our direct support while others have ventured into freelancing and entrepreneurship. Moringa School is proud to have helped all these brilliant young people achieve their career goals.

Moringa School graduates have gone on to succeed in various careers such as freelancing and entrepreneurship. Others have gone on to work in reputable companies such as;
I&M Bank Sendy Safaricom KCB Bank Sanlam M-Kopa Solar Telkom Kenya