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Moringa School Referral Program
Why Refer?

The continued success of our students and graduates depends on an ambitious and dedicated student body. Some of our best students are at Moringa School because they heard about Moringa School through a friend, family member or colleague.

How Does It Work

What You Get: If you refer a rockstar to Moringa and he/she is in class the first day of Moringa Prep or Moringa Core, we will send you a special Moringa School t-shirt (priceless) as a token of our appreciation after your referral joins Moringa Prep or Moringa Core. All you have to do is fill out this form, and we’ll be happy to get in touch to figure out if we are the right school for them. Don’t like forms? Have them call us directly, mention you, and we’ll get everything squared away.

What Your Referee Gets: Your referee will join the elite group of top developers in Africa. They will have incredible opportunities and a future to be an influencer in technology ecosystems across the continent.

Rules and Regulations:
This referral program is open to all faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of Moringa School. So, everyone.
One gift per person per each successful entrance into Moringa Prep or Moringa Core.
The prospective student must enroll at Moringa School and get admitted in order for you to get the prize.
You may not refer yourself. If you have an identical twin, you can refer each other.
Moringa School will never, in a million years, share your or your referral’s contact information with anyone at anytime.
Allow 2-4 weeks for receipt of the prize after admission confirmation.

Moringa School Referral Program

Some of our best students are here because they heard about Moringa School from a friend, family or colleague. Refer someone today and get awarded. This referral program is open to everyone. Don't keep us a secret! Want to refer someone? Please fill in the form below: