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Coding is the Future

SPOC (Secondary school Practical Open-source Curriculum) is a free coding curriculum for secondary school computer clubs.

Technology is everywhere, and learning to code opens so many doors. Whether you want to be a professional software developer or just want to build a website to promote your business, learning to code is an investment in your future.

SPOC is excited to partner with more schools across Africa to bring our high-quality content to more students! In order to be eligible, your school will need to have (or have access to) a computer lab and also a computer teacher who can moderate students’ learning.

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What is SPOC?

Self Taught Skills
Each week students teach themselves practical coding skills in 1-hour lessons, and after just eight lessons every student will be able to build a basic website using HTML and CSS. No previous programming experience is necessary, just computer proficiency and a drive to learn.

Practical Learning
There is no lecturing involved. Each student accesses the material online and works through it independently and in pairs. Students are writing code from day one, and every lesson includes a project so students can clearly see their skills progress.

Open and Free
The entire curriculum is open-source, meaning anyone can use it for free and offer suggestions to improve it for everyone.

Teachers Facilitate Learning
There are no lectures involved, so teachers aren’t required to have any previous coding experience. Students have everything they need to learn right on the computer. The teacher’s role is to support students with encouragement and staying focused.

Easy for School Administration
All you need is a computer lab with internet connection, a teacher to facilitate the computer club, and students who are eager to learn. There’s no special training needed, and the curriculum is available online for free.

More Curriculum Coming
SPOC is starting out with one term worth of lessons, but we aim to create a practical coding curriculum for all four years of secondary school.

Made by Moringa

SPOC was created by Moringa School, in partnership with UNESCO and Moringa School is a world-class education institution with the vision to transform higher-education in Africa. We’ve trained hundreds of developers through our 6-month programs, with 95% of graduates employed within 3 months of graduation.
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