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The role of Tech communities in shaping your Data Science career

Catherine Gitau is a data scientist, a mentor, and a contributor to ope

Wellness and Productivity While Working Remotely

In the wake of COVID 19, most companies have been forced to embrace remote working as part of their company culture. This is not a new way of working for a lot of tech companies but for those who were accustomed to a brick and mortar setup, it’s proving to be a challenge having the same levels of productivity that one would have at the office. Moringa School recently hosted a webinar on wellness and productivity for techies.

Technology Alone is Not Enough For An Exceptional Remote Learning Experience

A healthcare system that is overwhelmed. Massive infections precipitating a pandemic. Shrinking medical supplies. Global powers united to defeat a common enemy. Businesses shutting down while others record tremendous growth. If the CoronaVirus Disease of 2019 had a better way of announcing itself to the global community, it surely cannot beat this one that we have experienced in the recent past. We saw news of healthcare workers dealing with the strain that comes with handling patients at a massive scale.

She Aims for Excellence and Excellence Only!

Faith’s educational background is in Law and International relations. Professionally though, she has garnered over 10 years of experience in project management, event management, and digital communications. She is a co-founder at AfriVA — a women-led organization that has organized high-level events for youth and women.

Corporate Events In The Eyes of Sasha

When the stay at home directive was initiated, many corporate events were cancelled as teams and communities could no longer meet up and share ideas. The next immediate move was to think about virtual events, where tools like Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts would enable us to keep the important conversations going.

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