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6 Steps to Become a Software Developer in 2021

Becoming a software developer is much more than just sending a CV to get your next job, it’s all about how you package yourself. Many junior developers often yearn to become visible experts in their field but get lost in finding the right process to adapt.

What Is Software Development?

Software development is the creation of software, frameworks, or applications. Softwares allow us to use devices such as phones, computers, and other electronics that have computing capabilities. There are two main types of software; application software, and systems software.


The Nuts and Bolts Of A Successful Career In Software Development

Africa is the fastest-growing continent for developers globally according to a report by Quartz done in 2019. As the tech ecosystem continues to grow in Africa we are seeing tech hubs continue to sprout across the continent and an increased interest to pursue careers in tech among the younger population.

Data Science as an Asset For the Environmental Sector

Data Science is the extraction of meaning from complex data to enable decision making in a more synthesized manner. This involves recording, storing, and analysis of data that could be either structured or unstructured. A slogan I once read said that the next generation of environmental scientists are data scientists and I really couldn’t agree more.

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