Whitney Atieno Ogutu

Whitney Atieno Ogutu is a professional committed to creating a positive impact in the lives of people in the developing world through research and education. Her main objective is to contribute to youth empowerment and poverty alleviation in the developing world through education.

Whitney holds a bachelor’s degree in Special Needs Education and has experience working in the research, education and program management fields. She currently holds the position of Assistant Manager, Access program at Moringa School.

The Access program provides partial and fully funded scholarships to individuals who come from needy backgrounds. In her role, Whitney specializes in student recruitment, scholarship awards and partner relations. She is a strong believer in inclusive and equitable quality education, and has thus designed and refined the program to provide youth with access to quality education.

During her free time, Whitney uses her background and passions to host a podcast educating youth on how to navigate their careers, by sharing hers and other professionals’ knowledge and real life experiences.