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Pricing In Kenya

Moringa Core is currently only available in Kenya.

Other African Countries

Moringa Prep
Full Time: $600

Moringa Core
All cohorts: $1500

Kenya & Eastern Africa*

* (Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda)
Moringa Prep
Full Time: $400

Moringa Core
All cohorts: $1600 with a $200 discount if you go through Moringa Prep


Moringa Prep
Full Time: $800

Moringa Core
All cohorts: $3200 with a $200 discount if you go through Moringa Prep

Pricing In Nigeria

Moringa Prep
Full Time: 160,000 Naira.

Pricing In Ghana

Moringa Prep
Full Time: 1500 Cedis.

Financing Options

Private student loans are backed by banks and other lending institutions. Repayment terms and schedules typically are determined by lenders, which have the power to change them.

KIVA: Field Partners in Kenya are able help you access Kiva loans. These loans vary in interest rates, loan amounts and requirements. To apply for a loan through a Field Partner, please contact them directly. A list of Kiva’s Field Partners and their contact information can be found at here.

Kenyan Banks: Some Kenyan Banks also offer education loans but be keen and ensure that you understand all the terms and conditions before applying. Interest rates for bank loans are usually determined by credit history, so students with a bad one may be denied entirely and those who are approved are likely to pay a significantly higher interest rate. Some education loan providers include NIC and Soma Loan.

Crowdfunding on M-Changa

M-Changa is a modern Harambee with a personalized and automated start to finish fundraiser management experience. Start by following the steps below:-

  1. Register your account on M-Changa HERE
  2. Enter your personal and fundraiser details.
  3. Invite your supporters

Mchanga is only a “Harambee” platform. It will not assist you to raise funds. You will therefore be required to put in effort to ensure that you raise enough funds.

Ensure that you put up a photo or a video with your story.
As you are writing your story, answer the following questions:-

  • Who are you?, Why do you want to study software programming?, Why Moringa School?, Why are you raising money on M-Changa?