Software Engineering Full-Stack Web Development

Learn Now, Pay Later: If you cannot pay for the program right now, no worries, you can learn now by paying a percentage of the fees and pay the rest after you get a job.
Software Engineering Full-Stack Web Development

Become a globally recognized Software Engineer and increase your employability in 6 months

Our Full Stack Software Engineering Curriculum is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of both the front-end and back-end programming technologies giving you the ability to create complex and robust applications that can scale to meet the demands of modern businesses. It is a more extensive course of study than the average school offers but our goal is to teach you more than simply knowing how to code.

To grow as a Software Engineer, you must be agile and able to learn and adapt, no matter the challenge that you’re given. Our curriculum is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in programming languages, frameworks, and tools commonly used in the industry.

By the end of this course, you will have gained practical experience working on real-world projects and have a strong understanding of both front-end and back-end development. Our goal is to help you develop the skills and confidence to succeed in the rapidly growing field of software engineering.

This Course is curated for those who want to;

  • Launch a career in tech as a software engineer
  • Learn from industry technical experts
  • Learn with a diverse community from all over Africa
  • Build and style interactive websites & web applications

Course Includes: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, SQL, Python, JSON, and Redux Frameworks

The Full-Stack Software Engineering Curriculum covers both Back-End and Front-End programming technologies so you can become a full-stack developer.

It is an extensive course of study that not only teaches how to simply code but how to learn and tackle novel problems.

  • Be a youth, Aged 21 – 29.
  • Applicant must be a resident of Nigeria
  • Be a graduate/HND or degree (Applicants must attach their certifications
  • Fully fluent in both written and spoken English and Passionate about technology. Basic Computer skills
  • Applicants must have a Laptop that is Core i5,7th Gen and upwards, 500 HDD,8GB RAM
  • Having completed or is currently serving NYSC (Must attach the certificate or have an exemption letter)
  • Able to commit to the program fully for 24 weeks
  • Have prior at least 1-year work experience

Students are required to dedicate 6 days to learning for them to succeed in this course.

  • Students will engage in 20-25 hours of learning weekly including 3 live lectures per week.
  • 4 hours of learning each weekday and on Saturdays
  • Hybrid classes with in-person classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays
  • 1:1 sessions with your instructor
  • Additional helpdesk support on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm GMT

If you are in search of a unique learning experience this is the place for you. We guarantee you will learn market-aligned skills through our practical and comprehensive curriculum.

  • Practical Hands-on Learning
    Get job-ready with practical, hands-on learning. You’ll learn the in-demand market languages and skills, labs, and real-world portfolio development
  • Technical Mentorship
    Live instructor-led lectures. Schedule 1:1s with your instructor to work on technical concepts, plan out your pacing, or check in about your program milestones.
  • Learn in Community
    You may be learning online, but you’re not alone. You can schedule 1:1s with your instructor for added guidance 3. 1:1
  • Career Coaching and Graduate Support
    Receive career coaching and job-hunting support for up to 12 months post-graduation

Become a certified professional in the most exciting careers of today and tomorrow.

Course Details

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Curriculum Developed by:

Flatiron School

Course Duration:

24 weeks, 6 days in a week from Monday to Saturday from 9am-1pm

Financing Your Education:


Candidates who can’t afford the fee can easily take the student loan which allows them to go through the entire training without worrying about it.
Pay only N90,720 as a commitment fee and pay the remaining balance after you secure a job. All applicants must meet the eligibility requirements

Mode of Learning:

Instructor led, Hybrid classes

Course Prerequisites

  1. Be a youth, Age 21 – 29.
  2. Applicant must be a resident of Nigeria
  3. Be a graduate/HND or degree (Applicants must attach their certifications
  4. Fully fluent in both written and spoken English and Passionate about technology. Basic Computer skills
  5. Applicants must have a Laptop that is Core i5 ,7th Gen and upwards, 500 HDD,8GB RAM
  6. Having completed or is currently serving NYSC (Must attach certificate or have an exemption letter)
  7. Able to commit to the program fully for 24 weeks
  8. Have prior at least 1 year work experience

Moringa Software Engineering Curriculum

No prior coding knowledge is required. Join our 24 weeks program and learn Software Engineering from scratch.

Discover our Modules

All students are required to complete an introductory pre-work one week before the start of class. During pre-work, students will get accustomed to our online learning management system (Canvas), set up their computing environment, and familiarise themselves with the basics of the programming languages that will prepare them for day 1 of the program.


Students master the basic building blocks of how the web is rendered and become fluent in the language that makes the web beautiful. They additionally learn how to conceive of and build UIs for web apps by writing well-structured HTML and CSS.


Students explore version control using git commands including cloning, branching, merging, rolling back commits, forking, and submitting pull requests.

After completing the Software Engineering Prep, which covers all the fundamentals, learners will need to tackle Phase 1 and learn how JavaScript works under the hood while gaining hands-on experience with JavaScript programming, interacting with the DOM, and event listeners.

Learners will experience ReactJS, a component-based JavaScript framework, and have the opportunity to pick up key industry skills by building a project that interacts with an API.

Learners gain a thorough understanding of back end development basics, while learning a new language, Python. Next, learners will get comfortable with object-oriented programming and storing information in databases using SQL and object relational mapping.

Learners will master Flask, a Python web framework, before using it to create their own JSON API along with scalable front ends with React, creating slick, functional, and interactive applications.

After completing the four phases, each with their own group project, learners work with instructors to come up with solo project concepts and spend dedicated time building a truly sophisticated application on their own. Learners receive plenty of instructor feedback along the way, while diving deep into various advanced technologies needed to bring their concepts to life. Learners have the opportunity to share or present their final individual project.

Ready to take your first step in starting a career in Software Engineering?