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Through market-aligned skills training, we help learners build new career possibilities with greater confidence and capability.


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In Moringa we are transforming the way tech education is done in African Markets. All our programs are delivered through a blended learning approach that combines market-aligned courses, a classroom team of talented mentors with the skills and knowledge to deliver growth and results for learners, and an environment that supports student creativity, job market preparation in a fun, open, and transformative learning experience. We celebrate our diversity and value strong, professional relationships that help our students build their futures with greater confidence, capability, and possibility.

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The quality of our programs and their impact on learners is a direct reflection of who we are and our ability to consistently meet the objectives we set for our students.


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  • Moringa school helped me in so many ways, but I think the most important one is the data science pipeline(in a nutshell). I am now able to do analysis projects with ease. I am now working for Eneza Education, an ed-tech company as a Business Intelligence Engineer. Yes! I would suggest the course to anyone who would want to pursue Data Science.

    Cecilia Wanja – Eneza Education - Moringa School
    Cecilia Wanja – Eneza Education
    Cecilia Wanja – Eneza Education - Moringa School
  • I developed an interest in Data Science and I started looking at options on where I could do it. Moringa School came to mind because I had heard of so many good reviews about their programs. My initial expectation was that I would be here to learn more about exploratory data analysis and understand more about machine learning using R.

    Carol Wambui - Moringa School
    Carol Wambui
    Data Science Masterclass Student
    Carol Wambui - Moringa School
  • For sure Moringa school has really contributed a lot to my profession. First by equipping me with the proper knowledge and skill needed in the current industry. The process of them linking you to the employers made everything even better by giving us a smooth transition to the industry in terms of getting a job without any stress.

    Joseph Muema Mwangangi - Moringa School
    Joseph Muema Mwangangi
    Software Development Alumnus
    Joseph Muema Mwangangi - Moringa School
  • Before Moringa School, I was a computer science student but then I decided to join a coding boot camp to gain practical skills. After the program, I did so well that I got an offer to join as a technical mentor. Life for me has never been the same since them. I love coding and would definitely encourage more girls to join the program.

    Latasha Ndirangu - Moringa School
    Latasha Ndirangu
    Software Development Alumnus
    Latasha Ndirangu - Moringa School
  • When I joined Moringa School, I was quite overwhelmed at first because it’s fast-paced and it’s not like the traditional learning model I was used to. Here we have Technical Mentors who guide you through the curriculum and are there if you need any help. They encourage you to think for yourself, take initiative and they guide you with your own learning pace. See, I’m not a math person but I managed to do this as I’m surrounded by very smart and passionate people who always support me. Through support and consistent practice, I have been able to understand the concept of Data Science and apply it in various scenarios. It’s actually a very interesting and fun concept as here, we’re able to experiment with different, real-life data sets.

    Rose Delilah – Moringa School TM - Moringa School
    Rose Delilah – Moringa School TM
    Rose Delilah – Moringa School TM - Moringa School

Market-aligned Courses Curated for Your Career Success

  • Software Engineering Online

    Are you passionate about studying software engineering but want to avoid the hassle that comes with a daily commute? Enroll now to study from home and become a Moringa Certified Software Engineer!

    Intake is ongoing for the September 2nd, 2024 Class

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  • Software Engineering Hybrid

    Learn how to design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software. You will be able to use your skills to develop high-quality websites and dynamic applications for end users. Enroll now to kickstart your journey

    Intake is ongoing for the September 2nd, 2024 class

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  • Mobile App Development

    Whether you’re a student, aspiring developer, or industry professional, our comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum is your gateway to creating innovative and impactful mobile experiences.

    Book Your Seat for September 2nd, 2024

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  • Part-time Software Engineering

    Study part-time to become a Moringa Certified Software Engineer. After this course, you will be able to apply software engineering principles to build high quality websites and dynamic applications for end users.

    Intake is ongoing for the August 19th, 2024 Class

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  • Data Science Full-time Online

    Future Proof Your Career with Market-Relevant Skills in Data Science. Master Data Analysis, Python, Machine Learning, and AI in 25 weeks

    July 29th Intake In progress

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  • Data Science Full-time Hybrid

    Future Proof Your Career with Market-Relevant Skills in Data Science. Master Data Analysis, Python, Machine Learning, and AI in 25 weeks.

    July 29th Intake In progress

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  • Data Science Part-time

    This is for individuals with a demanding schedule. Learn how to explore, analyze, visualize, build models with data using programming languages, such as Python and R, and deploy models into applications

    June 24th 2024 Intake In progress

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  • Cybersecurity CompTIA Security+ Course

    Full-Time Online classes | Get Certified As a Cybersecurity Specialist In 23 Weeks

    Intake is ongoing for August 5th,2024

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  • Data Visualization with Python

    If you like using both the analytical and creative sides of your brain, then a career as a data visualization consultant or engineer may be right for you. Explore our data visualization course to get...

    June 10th intake is in progress.

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Our Career Day events and recruitment drives have helped over 85% of our core graduates find meaningful employment within 6-months post-graduation

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Improving access to quality education through financial aid

We believe that quality education should be accessible to all who want to learn regardless of their financial circumstances. Your Moringa education will now be made affordable and accessible through a number of Student Financing options such as Loans and Partial Scholarships.

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