Irene Kathungu

Irene Kathungu | Moringa School

Irene Kathungu is a passionate, energetic, and analytical individual with a drive for excellence. Her key interest is in innovative and strategic leadership thinking for effective management services and the right and economical utilization of resources.

With over 5 years of a vendor relationship, and budget management experience, as well as profound organizational and management skills, the key career goal is to work in a leadership position to be able to make key contributions that shall ensure that the organization’s facilities effectively support the fast-growing business to achieve company set targets and propel the organization to a higher level.

She leverages my strong academic background in commerce and strategic management by applying space planning and optimization tactics as well as ergonomics for safe and healthy working environments. Her recent addition of an MBA in strategic management is an invaluable addition by which she is able to effectively complete project planning and scheduling, issue tracking, risk identification and management as well as resource management tasks.

Areas of expertise are:

  • Projects management; planning & implementation.
  • Space planning & allocation.
  • Consultants and contractors’ engagement in construction projects.
  • Process implementation.
  • Team leadership-supervise, trained and evaluate assigned staff.
  • Budgeting and finance
  • Tender documents and bills of quantities preparation and evaluation.
  • Contract negotiation and contractor evaluation.
  • Lease negotiations.
  • Supplier’s engagement and service level agreements contracting.
  • Quality and cost control.
  • Facilities management.
  • Safety implementation and management.
  • Disaster management and business continuity planning.