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Financial Aid

Financial Aid


Moringa Prep Application

We understand the investment of time and money that learners and their families put into education and the critical importance of gaining tangible growth and development during the time that is spent at a learning institution. We also acknowledge that willingness to pay does not always mean ability to pay. In Moringa we believe that quality education should be accessible to all students regardless of their financial circumstances and it is for this reason that we have launched Student Financial Aid to ease the burden on students and families who are not able to afford the full program fee.

At Moringa School we offer the following Financial Aid options depending on a student’s need;

  • Partial Scholarships (Prep)
  • Student Loans (Core)
  • Fee Discounts

Partial Scholarships (Prep)

Moringa School partial scholarships (prep) are awarded to students on the basis of demonstrated financial need. Eligibility criteria and application process:-

  • The student is admitted to Moringa School.
  • The student express’s interest in Financial Aid -
  • Admissions shares the Financial Aid Application form with the student.
  • The student completes and submits the application form within 5 working days of receiving the form.
  • Upon submission of the form, Student Financing reviews the form and reaches out to the student within 3 days of submission.
  • An interview is scheduled with the applicant (takes approximately 30mins)
  • The student Financing board further reviews the student’s application, this takes at least 7 working days.
  • Once a decision has been made, Student Financing reaches out to the student through email, notifying them whether or not they have been awarded aid.
  • If awarded aid, the student receives a ‘Financial Assistance Award Notification’ email with an attached form. The parent/guardian and student must sign and submit the form to Student Financing to officially receive aid from Moringa School.

Student Loans (Core)

At the moment Moringa School loans only apply to Core students. Students will be able to apply for the loan for Core in the first week of Prep. Students can express interest in the loan during onboarding via a form on the LMS and our loan partners LEAP will follow-up on next steps.

The application process is outlined here.

Staying Eligible

  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Study Prep and Core without deferring
  • Abide by the policies outlined in the student handbook and have no disciplinary issues

Fee Discounts

Early Bird Discount

Take advantage of our Early Bird Discount of 10% - Apply and pay a deposit by the following dates to qualify!

For more information on our financial aid options reach out to

Who is Eligible for Financial Aid?

To be eligible to receive Financial aid, you must:

  • Be above 18.
  • Be a citizen or legal resident of Kenya.
  • Have a High School Certificate.
  • Be enrolled or accepted for enrolment as a regular student in an eligible program at Moringa SD or DS
  • Demonstrate Financial need: In general, there must be documented proof of financial need in the form of bank statements for a specified period and tax returns to qualify for financial aid. Financial aid for Prep comes in the form of limited partial scholarships provided by Moringa. Financial aid for Core comes in the form of partial loans provided by Moringa’s loan partner LEAP.
  • To apply for financial aid for Prep, complete and submit the Financial Aid Application form, with supporting documents to Student Financing.
    • The form will require the students’ and parents’ income information for at least 3 months. Asset information requested on the forms should be reported as of the date the applications are completed and signed.
    • Financial Aid awards are contingent upon the accuracy of information provided in the application forms. Students and parents are obliged to report to the Student Financing Office any changes in personal or family finances (such as changes in income, assets, siblings in college) and any subsequent award of aid from sources other than the College.

Required Documents;

  • A copy of you or your parents’/guardians’ identification document (such as ID card, passport, or driver’s license). If you are being supported by your parents/guardians, you must submit both.
  • A copy of you or your parents’/guardians’ employment contracts including wage/salary details OR three latest pay slips (where applicable)

Have questions about what financial aid option would work best for you? Schedule an appointment with one of our admissions advisors to get more information on how you can enroll. Reach out on for more information.