Moringa Financial Aid

Making Quality Education Accessible to All. Through financial and academic support, we aim to produce well-rounded graduates who can secure excellent jobs and bring positive transformation to the world.
Moringa Financial Aid
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Learners in Moringa are able to develop confidence in their capabilities through an open and exploratory environment that promotes equality and diversity on their journey to acquiring the skills for career readiness. This is what ultimately enables them to unlock their potential by getting the competence and confidence to build better futures for themselves and their loved ones. A baseline employment rate of 85% for all job-seeking alumni within 12 months of graduating all but confirms that a Moringa education is worth it!

The aim of our Financial Aid Program is to make the courses and skills training done in Moringa School accessible to people who would otherwise be excluded from the digital revolution due to current financial constraints. With the following Student Financing options, we can help you navigate around your fees so that you can concentrate on your Moringa education.