Prompt Engineering Basics

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Prompt Engineering Basics

Why Choose Our Prompt Engineering Course?

In a world driven by AI, the ability to communicate effectively with AI models is a game-changer. Our course offers a unique blend of theoretical understanding and practical application, empowering you to:

  • Craft Customized Prompts: Learn the science behind constructing prompts that resonate with AI models, ensuring accurate and relevant outputs.
  • Optimize AI Interactions: Whether you’re a developer, researcher, content creator, or professional from any field, our course empowers you to control AI outcomes by guiding models with skillfully designed prompts.
  • Navigate Ethical Landscape: Address potential biases, ensure inclusivity, and understand the ethical implications of prompt design, leading to responsible AI engagement.
  • Boost Your Career: Upon completing the course, receive a certification that highlights your mastery of prompt engineering and positions you as a skilled AI communicator.

  • Developers and programmers interested in AI integration.
  • Data scientists seeking to improve model outputs through precise prompts.
  • Content creators and writers exploring AI-generated content.
  • Researchers aiming to enhance their AI interactions for experiments.
  • Professionals from various domains looking to leverage AI for specific tasks.

Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of AI concepts and programming languages (such as Python) to fully engage with the course content.

If you are in search of a unique learning experience this is the place for you. We guarantee you will learn market-aligned skills through our practical and comprehensive curriculum.

  1. Project-based learning
  2. Technical Mentor Support
  3. Interactive workshops and group discussions
  4. Access to a dedicated online platform for course materials and resources.
  5. Access to a global community of learners all over Africa

Students are required to dedicate 2 days(4 hours per day) to learning for them to succeed in this course.

  • 4 hours of study from 9 am-1 pm
  • 2 days

Course Details

Course Details

Total Course Duration:

2 days(4 hours per day)

Mode of Learning:

Instructor led, virtual classes

Tuition Fee:

Ksh 15,000 (Pay by 4th October and qualify for Ksh 5,000 discount)

  • Intro to natural language processing (NLP) and prompt engineering
  • Prompt engineering application in ChatGPT Understanding the benefits and challenges of prompt engineering
  • Real-world examples of prompt engineering in action

  • Recognizing when using prompt solutions is not appropriate
  • Identifying the limitations of prompt solutions
  • Activity: Analyzing the limitations of prompt solutions

  • Intro to task-specific prompts
  • Techniques for creating powerful, task-specific prompts
  • Best practices for writing effective prompts
  • Exercise in writing prompts

  • Understanding the importance of evaluating and testing existing prompt solutions
  • Techniques for evaluating and testing prompt solutions
  • Best practices for refining existing prompt solutions or developing new ones
  • Activity: Evaluating and refining existing prompt solution

  • Overview of automated techniques used in prompt engineering for ChatGPT
  • Benefits and limitations of automated prompt engineering for ChatGPT
  • Best practices for using automated techniques in developing efficient, effective, and quality-controlled prompt solutions
  • Activity: Using automated techniques to develop prompt solutions

  • Understanding the ethical considerations and potential biases in prompt engineering
  • Best practices for ensuring fairness and accountability in prompt engineering
  • Discussion in analyzing ethical considerations in prompt engineering for ChatGPT

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