NO. All enrolling students are required to pay upfront tuition of Ksh 43,000 for live online classes and KSh 50,000 for hybrid in-person classes by the last Friday before a Prep class starts.

Yes, you can book your appointment online. In the calendar invite we send you after your application or registration, there is a link to a Google Hangouts link that we can use to facilitate the interview. Or we can schedule a google call with you at your own convenience

We are currently registered under TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training). We require all our students to have gone through high school as is required by law (TVET) and should be computer proficient.

Moringa School is registered in Kenya by the Technical & Vocational Education and Training Authority(TVETA). However, we DO NOT offer academic qualifications that can be exchanged for credits in our local colleges and universities. We are in the process of working with TVETA to have our training standards certified which means that we will become the to-go-to when it comes to tech training standards in Kenya. Additionally, we encourage and assist our students to build their portfolios which is a better marketing tool e.g in a course like Software Development which involves coming up with independent projects that build up technical skills.

Yes. For our Core(Advanced) modules, you can pay in 3 monthly installments. Upfront payment is only required for the prep modules which are the entry points to our curriculum.

NO. What we guarantee is career-ready skills. Our courses are practical and relevant to the market. That is why many of our graduates find jobs. Moringa School offers support through training and informing graduates of job opportunities. Graduates then apply and some get these jobs. Other graduates have found jobs without our direct support while others have ventured into freelancing and entrepreneurship. Moringa School is proud to have helped all these brilliant young people achieve their career goals.