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Moringa School is a multi-disciplinary coding school committed to closing the skills gap in Africa’s job market by offering high-potential students the necessary technical and professional training in order to compete in a digital, global economy.

Founded in 2014 by Audrey Cheng, a Taiwanese-American entrepreneur, Moringa School is creating world-class developers by providing a comprehensive curriculum and an outcome-driven program to motivated, young people in Africa.

Before she started Moringa School, Cheng was an investor in technology companies across Africa. She realized she kept hearing the same question from employers: Where can we find highly skilled workers in technology? This conundrum is especially profound in Africa where unemployment rates are high and further education alternatives are scarce. In Kenya, 89 percent of high school graduates do not qualify for university, leaving many jobless and devoid of educational opportunities. Cheng saw this as an opportunity to create an alternative education that reflect what employers are looking for. With that in mind, Moringa School was born.

The Leadership Team

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Audrey Cheng

CEO Moringa School

The Teaching Team

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Andrew Anampiu

Lead Technical Mentor

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Boyd Ndonga

Technical Mentor

Access Program

Moringa School’s Access Program aims to make world-class technical education possible for individuals who would otherwise not be able to access it. Our goal is to expose adolescents and adults to the field of technology and ultimately promote long and successful careers in the field. Our competitive scholarship program sponsors young high school graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend Moringa School. Our SPOC (Secondary School Practical Open-Source Curriculum) program is an after school secondary school course, which teaches high school students how to code for free.

Access Scholarship Program

The Access Scholarship Program at Moringa exists to empower students from disadvantaged backgrounds with the skills they need to craft better lives for themselves and be the agents of change in their communities. The program does this by providing opportunities to deserving students who are passionate about technology, but do not have the means to pursue an education.

The Access Scholarship Program has two components:

  1. Academic support
  2. Psychosocial support

1. Academic support

Students in Moringa’s Access Scholarship Program have a slightly different academic calendar than other schools. The Moringa’s Access scholars start off in Pre-Prep, where they gain basic coding skills and learn the mindsets needed to succeed in the courses that follow (Prep and Core) and eventually, the workplace. The whole program lasts 24 weeks: 4 weeks in Moringa Pre-Prep, 5 weeks in Moringa Prep and 15 weeks in Moringa Core.

Moringa Access scholars also receive:

  1. Laptops and internet bundles
  2. Extra classes and individualized learning plans
  3. Proactive support to prevent student dropout

2. Psychosocial support

At Moringa, we recognize the challenges students from disadvantaged backgrounds face in pursuing higher education. Hence, we have designed a robust psychosocial support program to help students cope with personal, family or community adversaries that may affect their productivity in class and their success in the program. The psychosocial support component of the Moringa Access Scholarship Program includes:

  1. Regular group and individual counseling with a professional therapist
  2. The Access Buddy Program, where students are paired with a classmate to support them with both academic and non-academic issues
  3. The Access Mentorship Program, where older students and alumni share their knowledge and advice to help students navigate their time at Moringa and in the workplace
  4. Regular community-building activities

So far, the program has served over 90 students. An additional 124 students are projected to complete the program by the end of 2019.

Secondary School Practical Open-Source Curriculum (SPOC)

In partnership with UNESCO, Moringa School created the SPOC (Secondary School Practical Open-Source Curriculum) program in April 2017. SPOC aims to introduce high school students across Kenya to software engineering and to spur a desire to pursue a career intechnology. The program ensures students have access to free, high-quality coding content at an earlier age than they normally would, thus enabling them to become aware of the field of software development and make well-informed decisions regarding their preferred career path.

How We Train: Our Pedagogy

The SPOC vision is to nurture innovative and creative minds at an early age by providing high school students access to quality programming curriculum and an autonomous learning experience. SPOC students learn through a peer-to-peer experience and from high school teachers, who serve as their facilitators. This program gives young students passionate about software development a head start in their careers. SPOC takes place as an extracurricular activity outside of class hours, which gives the students the ability to enjoy learning practical skills in a club setting. The program aspires to teach students how to build fully functioning websites.

SPOC Content

The SPOC curriculum is broken down into four yearly levels with three terms in each level. In the first level, students learn the basic programming skills of HTML and CSS. The second level focuses on teaching students JavaScript, a programming language used to create web applications. The students then integrate all concepts of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in their third year. In their final year, students learn jQuery and work on projects for the rest of the year.


SPOC Camp is a month-long coding boot camp for high school students held in Moringa School every school holiday. The program runs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:00pm to 4:30pm. The SPOC camp imitates the SPOC curriculum. Students go through the curriculum at their own pace with a Moringa technical mentor.

So far, SPOC has trained approximately 300 students and another 500 students are projected to complete their training by the end of 2019.

For questions or queries regarding the Access Program, please contact us at .

Working At Moringa School

Moringa School employees work in a fun and collegial startup environment and are surrounded by talented, friendly, intelligent and ambitious professionals who work hard to provide the best student experience in the world. We are committed to our employee’s health and wellness – we truly believe that our employees need to take care of themselves first. We understand the value of remote working and support it as needed.